Wednesday, 29 May 2013

About Us

 About Us

“Health is Wealth”. According to this statement, our hospital has been working for 125 years to cure the ailments of the people. This is India’s one of the best hospitals which has its own heritage & follows TamilNadu medicinal ways. Malaivel Siddha hospital has its own specialist. This hospital was started in 1980 by Dr.G.Malaiyappa Kon in a Natural environment near Tirunelveli district Sankarankovil nearby Karivalamvandhanallur.

At present treatment is done through experienced doctors who have done their BSMS in medicine and trainings done through advanced medical methods. This medication is predicted through “Oalaisuvdi's” written by 18 Siddhars including Agasthiyar. This preparation is done on the basis of those writings of siddhars in a well-cared method. This is an own preparation of our institution. The medicines are prepared by well trained trainees using well equipped instruments. All this medicines are prepared under the well supervision in natural environment. This is prepared under hygienic conditions by the method of purification, precipitation.

The medicines are prepared in the form of capsules which can be easily taken by the patients. Counselling is given to the patients at any time through telephone without hesitation.

Patients are advised to take blood test with proper intervals, so that improvement of the patients can be observed by themselves.

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